What the flute? A comprehensive guide to CNC router bits

Posted by Adam Malec with help from Garry Wilson on 15th May 2023

So you got your new CNC and have no idea what the difference between a straight cut and a compression cutter is? That's ok, I was the same and I am sure everyone goes through the same motions. I have … read more
Recycle your carbide

Recycle your carbide

Posted by Adam on 15th May 2023

Recycle your carbide with Guhring by using their application form InsertsDrills End millsReamersTaps … read more

GRBL Settings Quick Guide

9th Nov 2022

Grbl's $x=val settings and what they meanNOTE: From Grbl v0.9 to Grbl v1.1, only $10 status reports changed and new $30/ $31 spindle rpm max/min and $32 laser mode settings were added. Everything … read more

Adam's Tips - Cutting Aluminium Sheet

Posted by Adam Malec with assistance from Garry Wilson on 4th Jul 2020

Cutting aluminium can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be. The following tips can help increase your confidence when cutting aluminium with a CNC machine: This guide is suitable for C … read more
Free CNC Resources: 3D models, DXF and SVGs

Free CNC Resources: 3D models, DXF and SVGs

Posted by Adam Malec with links shared by Garry Wilson on 8th Nov 2019

The best things in life are.... that also includes free CNC resources to draw inspiration from and make your own artwork! Here is a list of free resources available on the internet for you to enjoy.Sh … read more