2 Flute DOWN CUT Carbide End Mill

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1/8-1/8-DC-2F-22 [F4]
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A spiral down cut has blades which forces chips down back into your material. This has benefits of providing a perfect top finish to any wood type especially plys and top finishes. Made of a very high tungsten carbide material, down cut bits are the a weapon of choice in anyone's arsenal. Opposite to a spiral up cut, a down cut will give you a perfect top finish but a burred bottom finish if cutting all the way through. These bits therefore are most effective for engraving & lettering rather than cutting all the way through.

Suitable for

  • Wood (MDF, hardwood, ply & softwoods)

Adam’s Tips

Just like a straight flute, a down cut creates a lot of dust as opposed to chips so make sure you have appropriate ventilation or dust extraction when cutting. On the plus side, the dust gets stuck and packed back into the slot you have made and keeps your cut item in place. This has the advantage of not having to use tabs or tape to hold your material down although can add time back in with the need to deburr the bottom edge.

Feeds and Speeds - 2 Flute Down Cut
mm per minute
Item Code Description Soft Hard
1-1/8-DC-2F-4 1mm x 3.175mm x 4mm  2F 1,300 650
1.5-1/8-DC-2F-6 1.5mm x 3.175mm x 6mm  2F 2,000 1,000
2-1/8-DC-2F-8 2mm x 3.175mm x 8mm  2F 2,750 1,400
1/8-1/8-DC-2F-17 3.175mm x 3.175mm x 17mm  2F 3,900 1,950
1/8-1/8-DC-2F-22 3.175mm x 3.175mm x 22mm  2F 3,100 1,550
4-4-DC-2F-22 4mm x 4mm x 22mm  2F 4,800 2,400
6-6-DC-2F-22 6mm x 6mm x 22mm  2F 11,950 6,000
3.175-6.35-DC-2F-17 3.175mm x 6.35mm x 17mm  2F 3,900 1,950
4-6.35-DC-2F-22 4mm x 6.35mm x 22mm  2F 4,800 2,400
6.35-6.35-DC-2F-22 6.35mm x 6.35mm x 22mm  2F 13,850 6,950
8-8-DC-2F-32 8mm x 8mm x 32mm  2F 16,900 8,450
10-10-DC-2F-52 10mm x 10mm x 52mm  2F 14,300 7,150
Revolutions per minute 16,000RPM     
100% width per cut slotting     
Depth per cut Diameter x 1     

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  • 5
    2 Flute down cut solid carbide end mill

    Posted by Darren on 15th Nov 2023

    This is my go too end mill for machining small pockets and cutting peripheral timber shapes. The quality is insanely good hence cutter life is excellent. I machine a lot of hard Merbeu timber and it cuts like butter.The price is exceptional and the down cut gives a top quality sharp surface cut( no edge splintering) which is critical for many of my project requirements. I wouldn't use any other brand.

  • 4
    2 flute down cut carbide endmill

    Posted by Belinda Mitchell on 1st Nov 2023

    Good product timely delivery

  • 5

    Posted by SP on 19th Oct 2023

    Fabulous quality but the best part is the customer service from the entire team! They go above and beyond to accommodate last minute rush orders also!

  • 5
    down cut carbide end mill bit

    Posted by Paul Abbot on 27th Sep 2023

    AMAZING clarity and accuracy with this bit. I'm very happy with it.

  • 5
    Great bit

    Posted by DAvid Wilson on 11th Sep 2023

    Snapped it with incorrect setup!

  • 5
    Clean pocket cutting

    Posted by Reece on 18th Aug 2023

    I use these down cut carbide bits as my go to for cutting the pockets for inlays, they leave a great finish with no chip out.

  • 5
    Great product.

    Posted by Stuart Edwards on 3rd May 2023

    This is a great little router bit. Very clean cut. Local seller so was delivered super fast . And was at a very reasonable price! Very happy and will be buying all my bits from here from now on.

  • 5
    Very happy

    Posted by Garry on 2nd May 2023

    Best iv used yet and will keep comming back 110%

  • 5
    Awesome bits

    Posted by John Bosua on 17th Jan 2023

    Great top edge and cuts .. long lifetime in CNC machine