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2 Flute TAPERED Ball Nose Carbide Mill (for 3D Carving)

$14.95 - $24.95
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The most versatile bit you need to have in your set is the tapered ball nose. Capable of engraving wood, plastics, soft metals and even steel, these are a high quality bit and withstand a beating even with a R0.25mm tip. Some uses of this bit include cutting PCB tracks, engraving lettering in ABS or even steel plates, 3D carving of aluminium or brass and much more.

Suitable for

  • Plastics (ABS, acrylic, HPDE etc.)
  • Wood
  • Steel
  • Soft Metals (use an appropriate coolant)
  • Ferrous metals (use an appropriate lubricant)

Adam’s Tips

Avoid a deep depth of cut to improve the finish of your material and increase the feed rate to make up for lost time. Also, use a coolant when cutting soft metals and lubricant when cutting ferrous metals to ensure the cleanest finish.


Description Shank Radius Cutting Length Angle
R0.25mm x 3.175mm x 15mm  2F 3.175 R0.25 15 5
R0.5mm x 3.175mm x 15mm  2F 3.175 R0.5 15 4.2
R0.75mm x 3.175mm x 15mm  2F 3.175 R0.75 15 3.2
R1.0mm x 3.175mm x 15mm  2F 3.175 R1.0 15 2.2
R0.25mm x 6mm x 20mm  2F 6 R0.25 20 7.8
R0.5mm x 6mm x 20mm  2F 6 R0.5 20 7.1
R0.75mm x 6mm x 20mm  2F 6 R0.75 20 6.4
R1mm x 6mm x 20mm  2F 6 R1 20 5.7
R1.5mm x 6mm x 20mm  2F 6 R1.5 20 4.3
R2mm x 6mm x 20mm  2F 6 R2 20 2.9
R0.25mm x 6mm x 30.5mm  2F 6 R0.25 30.5 5.2
R0.5mm x 6mm x 30.5mm  2F 6 R0.5 30.5 4.7
R0.75mm x 6mm x 30.5mm  2F 6 R0.75 30.5 4.2
R1.0mm x 6mm x 30.5mm  2F 6 R1.0 30.5 3.8
R1.5mm x 6mm x 30.5mm  2F 6 R1.5 30.5 2.8
R2.0mm x 6mm x 30.5mm  2F 6 R2.0 30.5 1.9

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  • 5

    Posted by Phill on 7th May 2024

    Works very well for me. It has the stiffness and reach to be able to cut the really deep detail.

  • 5
    Tapered Ball Nose bit

    Posted by Tony Smith on 17th Apr 2024

    First time using these bits. Will be purchasing again. Great to deal with.

  • 5
    Tapered Ball Nose

    Posted by Mr Carey J Silk on 12th Feb 2024

    Great bits stay sharp for a good time and the delivery was fast with a fair price

  • 5
    Tapered ball nosed bit

    Posted by David Wilson on 20th Sep 2023

    Well made product. Will be more careful with these new ones lol

  • 5
    Tapered ballnose

    Posted by Terry on 21st Aug 2023

    Always do a good job. Very satisfied

  • 5
    2F Tapered Ballnose

    Posted by Russell Rose on 11th May 2023

    Recently purchased a few TBN cutters from .5 to 2mm tip. Tonight I used one with a 1.5mm tip to do a 3d carve, it worked quite nicely. I have purchased these from Adam's Bits and like all his other cutters I find it hard to find any difference in quality than more expensive brands. I use the TBN mainly because I can often go straight to a finish pass without roughing, which is possible if one uses a raster toolpath. But it depends on the design.

  • 5
    0.25mm tapered ball mill

    Posted by Paul on 4th May 2023

    I carve some insane detailed STL files with this, it works absolutely awesome! If you carve 3D reliefs then I honesty can’t recommend a better bit!

  • 5
    Tapered Ball Nose Mill review

    Posted by Julian James on 3rd Jan 2023

    Excellent, sharp and strong bits. These bits are great for carving out details (used in hardwood) and produce a reliable and clean finish.

  • 5
    Tapered bit

    Posted by Darrell Armour on 28th Nov 2022

    Bought to do 3D carve, bought a 6mm shank to push the machine a bit faster and reduce flex at the point of carve especially at end grain points. Wasn't disappointed and an excellent finish.