Adam's Projects - Elephant with Flowers

Adam's Projects - Elephant with Flowers

Posted by Adam Malec on 25th Mar 2019

My daughter inspired (made) me want me to make her an elephant on the CNC. I found this cool design and adapted accordingly.

The timber I used was Wattle that I laminated years ago and only just now decided to use it. Wattle is one of those species that is not really used for furniture and even burning in the fire place due to the amount of soot produced. But for something small it worked a treat as it is a hard wood and cuts really well.

The bit I used was a 60deg V router bit found here. These high quality V bits have 2 sharp flutes which means you get a really good cut and last a long time. You can also use a single flute V bit found here.

The Easel project is found here and for the purists, the SVG is found here.