Adam's Projects - Spartan Bits Block

Adam's Projects - Spartan Bits Block

Posted by Adam Malec on 24th Dec 2018

Due to popular demand I have included the links and files to my Spartan Bits Block. It's a sharp contrast to the bits tray I was using before!

The inspiration of the project and head start in the way of files comes from Instructables found here. Check this link out first as it gives you a much better overview and explanation then I could. 

I have published the design to Inventables' Easel Project page found here. The nodes & joins have been cleaned up to allow cutting via Easel.

I used a sheet of veneer maple on chipboard but you can use anything really. To adapt to your sized stock, just increase the material size & slot sizes of the shield and base +0.2mm for wriggle room. I used a 2mm diameter 1/8" shank straight flute with a 17mm cutting length found here.

For those purists you can find the SVG files in this ZIP file