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1 Flute DOWN CUT Carbide End Mill

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1/8-1/8-DC-1F-22 [E5]
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A 1 flute down cut end mill is a type of cutting tool that is suitable for cutting a variety of materials, such as aluminium composite material (ACM), plastic, and wood. This type of end mill operates in a similar manner as a 2-flute down cut, but it has a single cutting edge. The design of this end mill forces the chips back down into the material being cut, which can be useful for achieving a clean, precise cut. It's specially designed for the materials that are prone to chip out during cutting. And also, due to its design it's best suited for relatively softer materials with lower cutting forces.

Suitable for

  • Plastics (ABS, acrylic, HPDE etc)
  • Aluminium Composite Materials

Adam’s Tips

When cutting aluminium composite panel with a CNC machine, the number of passes needed can depend on the rigidity of the machine. Depending on the rigidity of your CNC machine, you may be able to cut the material in one or two passes.

Another consideration when cutting aluminium composite panel is the diameter of the end mill bit. If you find that using a smaller diameter bit (such as 2mm) results in an excessive amount of plastic chips packing back into the slot, you may want to try using a 1-flute up cut end mill for aluminium. This type of end mill forces chips up and away from the material being cut, which can help to reduce the clean-up time. Keep in mind that the up-cut bit will put the chips on top of the material, which may create a mess if not handled properly.

Feeds and Speeds - 1 Flute Down Cut
mm per minute
 Wood   ACM 
Item Code Description  Soft   Hard   Soft 
0.5-1/8-DC-1F-2 0.5mm x 3.175mm x 2mm  1F 350 200 350
1-1/8-DC-1F-4 1mm x 3.175mm x 4mm  1F 650 350 650
1.5-1/8-DC-1F-6 1.5mm x 3.175mm x 6mm  1F 1,000 500 1,000
2-1/8-DC-1F-8 2mm x 3.175mm x 8mm  1F 1,400 700 1,400
1/8-1/8-DC-1F-8 3.175mm x 3.175mm x 8mm  1F  2,900 1,450 2,900
1/8-1/8-DC-1F-17 3.175mm x 3.175mm x 17mm  1F 1,950 1,000 1,950
1/8-1/8-DC-1F-22 3.175mm x 3.175mm x 22mm  1F 1,550 800 1,550
4-4-DC-1F-17 4mm x 4mm x 17mm  1F 3,050 1,550 3,050
4-4-DC-1F-22 4mm x 4mm x 22mm  1F 2,400 1,200 2,400
3.175-6.35-DC-1F-17 3.175mm x 6.35mm x 17mm  1F 1,950 1,000 1,950
4-6.35-DC-1F-22 4mm x 6.35mm x 22mm  1F 2,400 1,200 2,400
6.35-6.35-DC-1F-22 6.35mm x 6.35mm x 22mm  1F 6,950 3,500 6,950
6-6-DC-1F-12 6mm x 6mm x 12mm  1F 9,400 4,700 9,400
6-6-DC-1F-22 6mm x 6mm x 22mm  1F 6,000 3,000 6,000
Revolutions per minute 16,000RPM       
100% width per cut slotting       
Depth per cut Diameter x 1       

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  • 4
    Great value for money

    Posted by Steven Rice on 7th Jan 2021

    Good company

  • 5
    1 Flute for Acrylic

    Posted by Waqas Qureshi on 6th Jan 2021

    Can't say much about the bit itself yet as (due to my own stupidity) I keep breaking them. Sometimes I drill it right down into wasteboard screws, sometimes simply trying to set the Z axis and moving the router way too much). When I manage to get it right, it does what it is supposed to do, however I am still trying to find out the right settings for Acrylic. But, my experience so far has been more than excellent with Adam. Both in terms of speedy delivery, quality of the products and most importantly for me, being extra helpful, answering all my newbie questions and guiding me along. I highly recommend Adam's bits as well as the CNC machines (BlueCarve).

  • 5
    Fantastic product

    Posted by Craige on 24th Dec 2020

    This bit changed my work for the better. The best bit for mdf

  • 5

    Posted by David on 26th Nov 2020

    i haven't used it just yet but looks fine

  • 5

    Posted by Simi Timu on 15th May 2020

    Excellent n very clean

  • 5

    Posted by James on 6th May 2020

    I know it's my first end mill, but it's great. Tested on MDF and it gives sharp, clean cuts all the way through.

  • 5
    OK on Aluminium

    Posted by Don on 7th Feb 2020

    Good value. Arrived fast. Works fine on Aluminium with no lube using shallow cuts and multiple passes. 2mm bit chatters if deeper cuts attempted. Probably better with lube, but I didn't want the mess on my hobby CNC Router.

  • 5

    Posted by Graham Duck on 19th Aug 2019

    I have used this end mill on MDF with a fairly high feed rate, the cutter performed well leaving a very clean cut. Highly recommend.

  • 4
    Down cut done the job with out excess chipping

    Posted by Michael Cook on 10th Jun 2019

    Job Aboriginal Art, engraving 3mm x3mm deep line and concentric circles with a space of 3mm between cut with cross hatching, it left the cross hatching areas cutting clean, on iron bark, slow but doing the job Thanks Michael