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BlueCarve CNC - Turbo

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Bluey’s big brother, the BlueCarve Turbo is the best priced CNC in the world in the same class and capability and that’s a fact! Starting at $3490 for a 1×1 CNC with a 800x800mm cutting area, the Turbo is driven by 16mm ball screw with 330ozin stepper motors and linear rails on all axis. Using the latest and most advanced Trinamic stepper drivers with a high quality Mean Well power supply, if its cutting aluminium or 45mm thick hardwood, this CNC will not disappoint.

  • Cutting area 1000x1000mm rail size, 800 x 800mm cutting area, 105mm height clearance
    • Portrait 1000×1500 rail size, 800 x 1300mm cutting area, 105mm height clearance
    • Landscape 1500×1000 rail size, 1300 x 800mm cutting area, 105mm height clearance
    • Half Sheet 1500×1500 rail size, 1300 x 1300mm cutting area, 105mm height clearance
  • Motion controller Arduino Uno CNC Controller, Grbl 1.1 with optimal settings loaded
    • Upgradable to Arduino Mega CNC Controller, 4th axis compatible but not supported
  • Stepper drivers class leading Trinamic stepper drivers
  • Stepper motors 340ozin Nema23 8mm shaft (X & Y axis) & 425ozin Nema23 for (Z axis)
  • Max Rapids class leading 8,000mm/min
  • Wiring & structure 4 core shielded cables throughout
  • 6mm aluminium structural 5083 plates, powder coated in BlueCarve blue
  • 65mm trimmer mount as standard
  • Australian approved 36v power supply
  • Proximity switches for X, Y & Z back to 0, 0, 0 for greater accuracy
  • Drive class leading 16mm balls screw
  • Motion HGH 15mm linear rails and blocks
  • Bits $50 worth of bits from

 Pictures are of a Turbo 1x1 with 2.2kw air cooled spindle with aluminium T bed RRP $5,185

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