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BlueCarve Spark CNC Plasma

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Please note that the current lead time on all CNCs is 2-4 weeks

Starting at $3990 for a 1x1 meter CNC, the BlueCarve Spark Plasma CNC is suited to hobbyists and commercial users and has proven itself to be a robust workhorse that has created opportunities to users through both insourcing and new ventures.

Just because the BlueCarve Spark Plasma was designed and is made here in Australia, it does not mean that it should attract a hefty price tag like other Australian manufacturers insist. Through support of current and future customers, we believe we will enable Australian businesses compete on the global stage.

Standard BlueCarve Spark Plasma Specifications

This is just an overview of the base model of which I will explain into more detail further on in the description

  • Rail & Cutting Size Options
    • 1000x1000mm rail – 770x770mm cutting area $3,990
    • 1500x1000mm rail (Landscape) 1270x770mm cutting area $4,290
    • 1500x1500 rail 1270x1270 cutting area $4,490
    • 1500x3000mm rail 1270x2770mm cutting area $4,990 (does not include a knife bed)
  • Clearance Height
    • 120mm height clearance with knife bed installed
  • Motion Controller and Software
    • Controller - MyPlasm
    • Connectivity – USB to a Windows PC only
    • Software – MiniCad and MyPlasm CNC - included
  • Capability
    • Torch Height Control – Yes (with compatible plasma cutter)
    • Voltage Divider - 1:1, 20:1, 50:1
    • Z axis with built in Floating Head Height - Yes
    • Inductive Proximity X, Y & Z
    • Auto squaring
    • Gamepad jogging
  • Plasma Cutter Options
    • Thermacut 40SD Single Phase – CNC ready with Vertical Torch and 50:1 Voltage Divider $2,700
    • Three phase options:
      • Thermacut 55SD - $2500
      • Thermacut 75SD - $3495
      • Thermacut 100SD - $4400
  • Motion
    • X & Y axis powerful Nema23 300ozin 8mm shaft Mod1.0 Pinion
    • Z axis Nema23 8mm shaft Lead Screw
    • Heavy Duty HGR15 linear rails
  • Wiring & structure
    • 4 core shielded cables throughout
    • 6mm aluminium structural 5083 plates powder coated in BlueCarve blue
  • Bed
    • Included as standard 30x3mm flat bar knife bed (excluding 1.5x3 size +$330)
  • Table
    • 1x1, 1.5x1 and 1.5x1.5 tables $990
    • 1.5x3 $1990
  • Water tray
    • 1x1, 1.5x1 $300
    • 1.5x1.5 tables $400
    • 1.5x3 $800