ER16 Collet Ultra High Precision 0.005mm 5u

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ER Collet Ultra High Precision 0.005mm / 5u run-out. These are not your blue/yellow boxed collets that are the cheapest of cheapest of collets that do not specify a precision value. A high precision collet allows for quieter machining, longer tool life and greater cut accuracy.

Available in ER11, ER16, ER20 and ER25 in common sizes 3.175mm (1/8"), 4mm, 6mm, 6.35mm (1/4"), 8mm, 10mm and 12.7mm (appropriate to ER size). Clamping range is that of nominal inner diameter size -1mm (eg. 6mm would accept 5mm to 6mm). 

How to check what diameter you have

ER Collet Outline

ER ColletLengthDiameterRange
ER-11 18 mm 11.5 mm 0.5—7 mm
ER-16 27.5 mm 17 mm 0.5—9 mm
ER-20 31.5 mm 21 mm 1—13 mm
ER-25 34 mm 26 mm 1—16 mm
ER-32 40 mm 33 mm 1—21 mm
ER-40 46 mm 41 mm 3—26 mm