2 Flute 15deg High Helix SPIRAL CUT Carbide End Mill

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4-4-FC-2F-42 [O4]
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Cutting foam has now been made easier with a 15deg high helix 2 flute spiral up cut. Designed to cut rather than tear material away, this half way between a straight and spiral bit can be used on most hard and soft foams. Great for making tool inserts, kaizen boards, box padding, product inserts and more.

Suitable for

  • EVA (Ethylene-vinyl Acetate Foam)
  • Most polystyrenes
  • Most machinable foams

Adam’s Tips

All foams have not been created equal and albeit that cheap hardware store floor mat foam might be enticing, it's good to test to see which yields the best results. The rule of thumb is the harder the material the better it will cut.