Proma THC 150 – CNC Plasma Torch height controller

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If you are not competent in the commissioning of a CNC controller and parts accosiated, this product is not for you. All warrant claims will require return to base at buyers expense for assessment that could take 3-4 weeks. Product warranty will not be honoured for issues deemed caused by the purchaser. 

The Proma THC 150 – CNC Plasma Torch height controller is a popular plasma torch height controller with Up/Down relay outputs and ARC OK – confirmation of the arc ignition. This controller is designed to work with CNC control systems that support THC up/down signals, including MACH 3, LinuxCNC, and CNConv. Thanks to the integration with a voltage divider, a connection is very easy.

Product specification:

  • Model: Compact THC SD
  • Supply voltage: 7-35V DC
  • STEP / DIR inputs: TTL 5V
  • Pass frequency: 0 - 100kHz
  • Step correction frequency: 0 - 5kHz
  • Measurement range: 30-300V DC (1000 VDC)
  • HV / HF separator: Yes
  • Built-in voltage divider: Yes 1:50