X & Y CNC Motor and Belt Upgrade Kit

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The one main bug bear of such DIY machines as the XCarve, XYZ-Carve & Shapeoko is the lack of torque when needed. You would want that extra torque to tackle those intense carves or cutting tasks like aluminium, hardwood, hardwood ply and anything with a 6mm router bit. The X & Y upgrade kit does just that in two ways by doubling your motor torque from 167ozin to 330ozin and increase belt engagement by 135% with GT3 belts. 

What's included

3 x Nema23 76mm 330ozin 8mm shaft 2A

3 x teethed pulley 20tooth 8mm inner diameter

4lm x GT3 6mm rubber reinforced belt


For both X-Carve and XYZ-Carve users will find the installation process relatively easy of which it should only take about 30min. First release tension from all three belts and remove all 3 X & Y axis motors. Install a toothed pulley on each new motor and lightly tighten grub screws. Install motors with leads pointing down. Cut the stepper wires to the required length and expose ends. The wire pairing for each motor are Blue/Yellow and Red/Blue. Remember that one Y axis side must be reversed to allow for the same direction of travel. Connect wires to the terminal block. For the next step, consult your CNC machines manual/instructions. Open your controller box and set potentiometer to 2A equivalent. Install new belts and tighten to required tension. With motors engaged move the Y axis up and down by hand and gauge the appropriate spot for the toothed pulley to sit along the motor shaft. Once you spot that the belt is sitting in the middle, tighten the grub screws with 1 sitting over the flat cut. Go to your CNC settings page. The new steps required are 26.68 per mm or there abouts. For GRBL, these are setting $100 & $101. Just to make sure you have not reversed any motor directions, run Set Up My Machine in Easel.

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    X & Y CNC Motor and Belt Upgrade Kit

    Posted by Garry on 15th May 2019

    as always, the items are top quality and easy to install. Adam is always available with any help needed. Thank you