1 Flute UP CUT End Mill Diamond Like Carbon (for Aluminium)

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Suitable Material:
Aluminium / Plastics
Cutter Profile:
1 flute up cut
Suitable Use:
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Up your game with Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) coating for aluminium coating! DLC bits are phenomenal bits in that they last longer, cut quieter and cut with a mirror finish. You will not be dissapointed. 

When cutting soft metals like aluminium & brass, there is nothing easier to use and more suitable than a high grade 1 flute up cut. An 1 flute has the best chip ejection and heat dissipation which avoids jamming due to the gummy nature of soft materials. An 1 flute also has the capability to operate effectively with widely varied feeds and speeds as compared to 2 & 3 flute when slotting. For peripheral cutting, a 2 or 3 flute for soft metals is ideal for the side & bottom finish.

Suitable for

  • Soft Metals (Aluminium & Brass)
  • Plastics (ABS, acrylic, HPDE etc)
  • Aluminium Composite Materials

Adam’s Tips

You will get a different finish on the side of your material depending if you use a climb or conventional cut. Do some test cuts and check which side comes out the best and adjust your toolpath accordingly. These bits are great on plastics as they are really tough but do not have a sharp edge. You will be able to run these bits faster on plastic compared to a 1 flute (for plastics) bit but depending on the finish you require, might only be suitable for cutting all the way through.

Check out https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=604281453557182&extid=RhvPoVr5k2Mj9aeH

Feeds and Speeds - 1 Flute for Aluminium DLC
mm per minute
 Metals   Plastics 
Item Code Description Soft  Soft   Hard 
1-1/8-DL-1F-4-Al 1mm x 3.175mm x 4mm  1F 100 650 350
2-1/8-DL-1F-6-Al 2mm x 3.175mm x 6mm  1F 150 1,500 750
2-1/8-DL-1F-12-Al 2mm x 3.175mm x 12mm  1F 150 1,150 600
1/8-1/8-DL-1F-8-Al 3.175mm x 3.175mm x 8mm  1F 300 2,900 1,450
1/8-1/8-DL-1F-12-Al 3.175mm x 3.175mm x 12mm  1F 250 2,450 1,250
1/8-1/8-DL-1F-17-Al 3.175mm x 3.175mm x 17mm  1F 200 1,950 1,000
1/8-1/8-DL-1F-22-Al 3.175mm x 3.175mm x 22mm  1F 150 1,550 800
4-4-DL-1F-8-Al 4mm x 4mm x 8mm  1F 450 4,500 2,250
4-4-DL-1F-12-Al 4mm x 4mm x 12mm  1F 400 3,800 1,900
4-4-DL-1F-17-Al 4mm x 4mm x 17mm  1F 300 3,050 1,550
4-4-DL-1F-22-Al 4mm x 4mm x 22mm  1F 250 2,400 1,200
6-6-DL-1F-17-Al 6mm x 6mm x 17mm  1F 750 7,500 3,750
6-6-DL-1F-22-Al 6mm x 6mm x 22mm  1F 600 6,000 3,000
6-6-DL-1F-32-Al 6mm x 6mm x 32mm  1F 400 3,850 1,950
8-8-DL-1F-22-Al 8mm x 8mm x 22mm  1F 1250 13,250 6,650
10-10-DL-1F-32-Al 10mm x 10mm x 32mm  1F 1650 17,550 8,800
  Revolutions per minute 24,000 16,000 16,000
100% width per cut slotting       
Depth per cut Diameter x 1       

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  • 5
    4-6mm single flute up cut end mill diamond like carbon (for Ally)

    Posted by joel on 1st Nov 2023

    Excellent bits

  • 5
    Carbid bits

    Posted by Chris Spalding on 12th Sep 2023

    Great value

  • 5

    Posted by Warwick Buddle on 30th Aug 2023

    Very efficient, does not clog with soft aluminium - good clean cuts

  • 5

    Posted by Dave Horan on 30th Jun 2023

    works great quick delivery as always

  • 5
    6mm single flute up cut end mill diamond like carbon (for Ally)

    Posted by joel arkey on 12th Jun 2023

    Cut 99000 13.5mm holes in 4mm ally sheet plus 67lm of boarders still going strong

  • 5
    cuts great

    Posted by joel on 28th Nov 2022

    Always good to deal with