2 Flute COMPRESSION Diamond Like Carbon DLC Carbide End Mill

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If an up cut gives you a great bottom finish and a down cut a great top finish, why not have both with a compression cutter! A compression cutter starts with an up cut component usually the length of the diameter (e.g. ⅛” has a ⅛” up cut component and the rest to down cut) so get the full benefit of the cutter, your first plunge must go below that length (e.g. ⅛” or more). Compression cutters like to run a bit faster than other wood cutting bit to get the best finish along the side of your material.

Suitable for

  • Wood (hardwood) - You can but not necessary
  • Wood (MDF, Ply & softwoods) - Ideal
  • Melamine White Board - Ideal

Adam’s Tips

Albeit compression bits are primarily used for slot cutting, you can still profile cut as long as you go past the up cut component. This will give you both a perfect bottom and top finish.